More than before I see myself determined ,
no more is my courage there underlined.
Sky is limit for young aspirants
but I am sought by arranged plans,
that do exist is color of rainbow
I feel it shades my heart in rows
No more I feel myself declined,
I feel it all I am at pride,
moving in path to bring goals done
I keep walking in raze ,with all runs.
And that is all that it goes alike
I find all half work done of miles and miles.🌈
Crystal minded, waved my thoughts
shaken by thunder and storm
I wanted not chance to run in blank,
so I took the jumbled minds in rain,
following the drops of waterfall,
I kept my journey best of sort,
games I played that top of mountain,
it put me happy and crazy insane.
Carried by happy thoughtful times,
we came back loving long long routes.